Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

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Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

In this very first special interview given that her tv look on Dr. Phil, we are speaking to Stephanie Hayden Ford, among the stars of the previous hit tv program “Sons of Weapons” on the Discovery Channel.

I asked her about the current household drama that has actually surrounded their service, the present occasions at Red Coat Firearms (RJF), and her prepare for 2015.

Its clear that they are back in action after the abrupt end of her ten-year work with RJF and their hit truth series.

Stephanie has actually turned into a favorable function design for females all over the nation, regardless of the unfavorable attention from the press about her dad and household concerns. She informed her fact specifically to Dr. Phil, hoping that individuals would comprehend why she responded the method she did about the preliminary accusations of sexual abuse by her daddy on her sibling, however was extremely slammed online relating to that preliminary declaration specifying that “absolutely nothing improper ever occurred in their house” when quickly afterwards, her sibling’s story altered.

Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

I asked her exactly what she is doing nowadays and she rapidly specified that she is “concentrated on running her brand-new business and her organisation strategies” for IAC Wargames: Airsoft Variety & Occasion Center for household design enjoyable. They have actually been doing these kinds of occasions for a while with a few of their airsoft fans and it naturally overflows into their capability to market items and offer training classes for novice guns owners.

Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

Stephanie arranges and runs the occasions with her spouse and previous “Kids of Weapons” co-star Kris Ford. She confesses things have actually been truly difficult getting a brand-new brand name operating, specifically now needing to conquering the preconception surrounding the business and RJF, previously her household brand name.

Preconception or no preconception … appears absolutely nothing is going to stop Stephanie from moving forward! She is a warrior female that is for sure.

Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

When inquired about the circumstance presently at RJF, she mentioned something lots of fans have no idea currently and was unexpected even to some market experts.

He has actually been the one making the last choices on the day to day company operations and making strategies to broaden the RJF brand name. I’m worried that individuals believe this was a choice made by the investors, which I am still one, however we didn’t have anything to do with that. With the impressive financial obligations, back orders and other concerns prior to and after my daddy being apprehended, we have not been able to totally close RJF till those things are taken care of.

I simply have no idea the best ways to assist repair anything at this moment. It is exactly what it is and we’re simply aiming to proceed.”

I understand a great deal of individuals wish to know … Why did you actually make that preliminary declaration in assistance of your dad?

I just did it for him due to the fact that my sibling had actually completely rejected any abuse, which we all understand that has actually altered and got him detained. I likewise didn’t have time to get any suggestions on it.”

Stephanie states that after her 2nd discussion with her sis, she chose that it was her responsibility to decide and expose her reality. She perseveres on the realities she has actually reported and hasn’t done interviews, previously since others utilize that to attempt and taint the case. She isn’t really fretted that it will make a distinction, however is still taking care.

Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

Why did you opt to come out and inform your story on Dr. Phil?

” I desired individuals who are in that circumstance to understand that you can inform somebody. You can get the assistance you require, you can get aid.

Was it frightening understanding the entire world was going to understand exactly what took place to you?

” I will be sincere, it was frightening to get behind a video camera and come out with my story on Dr. Phil. My press agent organized it due to the fact that it was getting absurd with press individuals staking out the home, hypothesizing on exactly what was going on and normally having no regard for the discomfort and suffering we were all going through, so she desired to put a stop to it when and for all in a method that they could not misreport.

” I think individuals do not get how twisted the media can be. Individuals were actually indicate and stated I was simply attempting to get more popularity or cash out of it. Dr. Phil does not pay individuals for interviews, by the method and I still do not get exactly what kind of popularity that I would be looking for.”

” I was currently on a hit prime time cable television reveal?! This is the very first genuine interview I have actually done because then and you understand … no one desires to be in the spotlight for something so dreadful. They certainly do not comprehend exactly what its like to be a victim or the sis of somebody who is. I informed my story since it was the best thing to do for me and for my sis.

How is the relationship with your sis now?

” Now that a long time has actually passed, things have actually gotten a lot much better. We are better than ever and my sis is lastly getting her life back. Most significantly, she is getting her smile back discovering how to handle life, and progress.”

Exactly what was it like for you personally, after your daddy’s arrest and claims of abuse were exposed?

” After the arrest of my daddy, things actually began to alter. I simply desired to protect a future for myself and my household and do something we were currently enthusiastic about and enjoyed. I had to discover something to remain favorable about so I continued to work on structure IAC Wargames and a brand-new brand name individuals might enjoy sooner or later. “

Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford divorce

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